On being a fairytale maker

I am often asked about the title I use to describe myself. A childhood watching Blue Peter on TV and using sticky backed plastic has led me to a passion for creativity. I have always been inspired by fairytales but my love of all storytelling pervades my work.

I spent four years at college studying City and Guilds Embroidery and when we graduated most people called themselves “Textile Artists”.  I have to say I struggled with this description. I didn’t feel it really described the work I do.  Narrative has always played a large part in my work and I wanted to convey this.  In my very early work traditional Fairytales were a huge inspiration and I still find this title motivational.  Whenever I am at a craft fair I display my Fairytale Maker logo and am always surprised how positively people react to it. It is a great ice-breaker!

However, I worried that my recent collages, although they tell a story, perhaps they don’t fit with my ‘brand’ (a word I hate).

I have recently come across Lisa Jacobs and her website Market Your Creativity.  I really love how down to earth she is and the advice she gives is very good. However, she recently gave me some real food for thought during an email. She said I need to ask “what do my customers want to take home?”   This brought me up sharp and got me thinking. I am making things that inspire ME but is that enough? I think anything I make has to inspire me. I could never imagine churning out hundreds of items that I didn’t love – just to make a quick buck. That wouldn’t work for me at all.  What I make has to feed my own artistic soul first. But it would be grand to be making things that people wanted to take home too.  Any thoughts people? xx


Help wanted please!


I found this image whilst trawling pinterest (http://uk.pinterest.com/threeriversdeep). I have commissioned a ring from the wonderful Charlotte Bezzant and am able to have some engraving on the inside.



I have gone for a moonstone as I have always loved them. I wanted something inspirational that would motivate me when the going gets tough or I feel a little below par – you know how it is. However, everything I choose is too long. There is only space for one or two words. So I am looking for suggestions that would inspire. I’m not sure if the word Werifesteria actually exists. Not that it bothers me too much – after all every word was made up at some point – but I’m not sure that it really hits the spot for me. Other options are “Be fearless”, “Dream Big”, or “Stay Strong.”  I love the phrase “Believe, Achieve, Receive” but apparently that is too long 😦

So folks, what would you go for if you were me? x


Hello there!


mabel again 014

So this is the first entry on my new blog. This may work and it may not.  I have tried blogging before and, if you are interested, you can see old posts at corinnephillips.blogspot.com but I always feel that I edit myself too much and I found it hard to blog regularly. On this blog I would like to write more from the heart. Whether I find my voice we will have to wait and see.

The picture above is of my two dogs, Mabel on the left and Dappy on the right. Mabel is a Labradoodle who is 1 year old now and Dappy a chocolate lab who is four.

20160419_111207Apart from my love of animals, I am a mixed media artist, (see my website for more info), I have just started doing calligraphy (with brush pens – I haven’t got the patience to abide by all the rules!),  am an avid journaller, love stationery (see my latest haul above!) reading and anything book related and I also love a good tv drama and all those house-y programmes like Location, Location etc – as does Meryl Streep apparently – so I’m in good company there.

I am an introvert at heart and am always trying to “improve”myself with various self-help books/courses etc. I am happily single having struggled through a divorce 4 years ago. I have 3 children, my youngest goes to University this year and I am going to be a Grandmomma for the first time this Summer! (Not the same child!)

So there you have it – my first blog entry. And I think I have shared more personal stuff on this one entry than I have in my entire time on my other blog!

I will post here regularly and I will try for once a week. I would love to hear from you with any comments or anything you would like me to write about here. I hope this can be the start of a beautiful friendship! x