But it’s home to me and I walk alone



I took this picture last week on a morning walk before work with my dogs. I love going out when there is still frost on the ground but just lately I have really had to force myself to get out there.  Once I’m out, I love it – but making that move from cosy bed to frosty field takes momentous effort.  Stupid thing is I know once I get out I will love it! I actually made a little film of it which I uploaded on Instagram click here if you would like to see it. (And no that field isn’t at a 90⁰ angle I just couldn’t rotate the image for some reason!) The dogs always make me chuckle and I feel so much better afterwards.

I am having to sort out mum’s bungalow and there is so much stuff you wouldn’t believe.  I can only get there at the weekends and I have to be honest I gave myself a weekend off last week because it is emotionally exhausting. And the stupidest things set me off. Do you remember there was a craze in the ’80s or ’90s for Colour Me Beautiful? You went and they assessed your skin tones and decided whether you had a warm or cool palette. They then gave you a swatch of fabrics to put in your handbag so that you would know if the item you were going to buy would suit your colouring.  I mean as I write it I can’t believe we actually went – we must have been the marketing team’s dream – but I came across Mum’s colour swatches and just dissolved into tears.  I suppose this is how it is going to be for quite a while really and there are so many lovely memories to mine that I am lucky to have.

And now I am also thinking about how I would like to develop my creative work. I know I need to do something creative as I feel so much better when I do but once again I am procrastinating about getting into my studio and actually doing something.  I have started a cot quilt for Ava which I really need to finish before I can start any of my own work.  At this rate she will be out of the cot and in a proper bed by the time it is finished! But, for my own work, I am thinking of returning to my Fairy Godmother boxes.


I never really promoted these that much, although I did take them to MadeBrighton a year ago.  They started off life in actual vintage rosewood boxes. The idea was that it was the Fairy Godmother’s First Aid Kit.  All the things a Fairy Godmother may need on her travels meeting different storybook characters.

I do still get excited when I think of them, which I take as a good sign! But I need to just get in to my studio to actually start work – whatever it is – I think just being able to create will make such a difference to how I feel.

So I love you and leave you for today. Hope things in your world are good and I’ll catch up with you soon.  I may even have finished Ava’s quilt by next time. x


12 thoughts on “But it’s home to me and I walk alone

  1. Such a joyful little video Corinne – it made me cry! I completely get where you are coming from. It’s very difficult to lose a parent and then deal with all the practical aspects of what they leave behind….. but as you so rightly say it’s good to remember the lovely things too …. and I also remember ‘Colour me Beautiful’!!
    Your fairy Godmother boxes are so special – will be good to see them again! x


  2. Hi Corrine, so glad you are thinking of the fairy godmother boxes again. I have two and everyone loves them!

    It is so difficult going through your parents belongings…but I just tried to remember that some of the stuff was their memories and not mine so that made it a little easier to edit what I kept what I let go. Xx


  3. I love the idea of your Fairy Godmother Boxes – I really do hope you make some more they sound delightful. I imagine they are really good for sparking children’s imaginations.


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