England’s Green and Pleasant Land

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Some of you will be aware that my mum had been poorly for the last 6 months of 2016. Unfortunately, she passed away just before Christmas.  It was a blessed release really and although obviously devastating was what she wanted as she really had no quality of life left.  Mum was a Christian and it is reassuring to know that she is now with her Maker and at peace.  The funeral service was beautiful and we all said that we left the church feeling uplifted.  The vicar was so lovely and I cannot that the people at mum’s church who organised the wake enough.

So although there have been the obvious ups and downs, and I miss mum so very much,  I am starting 2017 feeling more positive than I have felt for quite a while.  I used to really look forward to making New Year’s resolutions. I am much more skeptical now I’m older – especially as I seem to make the same resolutions every year! But this year I am calling them “Intentions” and that feels a little better to me.

I am intending to get fitter, read more, get back to my creative work, push my comfort boundaries a little more, and watch less television.  I am also intending to treat myself with more kindness. We give ourselves such a hard time and yet we wouldn’t speak to our friends in the same way. So I am trying to learn from past mistakes and go easier on myself, to acknowledge that I am an introvert and that if I arrange to do too many things in a week it stresses me out and not feel guilty about everything. Perhaps that is the best intention of all.


7 thoughts on “England’s Green and Pleasant Land

  1. Firstly Corinne, i am really sorry for the loss of your Mum but excited for her in that her new life is pain free and filled with joy and people she has lost. I can definitely relate to being an introvert and panicked by too many arrangements, in fact any arrangement sends me into a tail spin!. I gave up TV about two years ago and it was the best thing i could have done, it swallows your time and creative thought process plus being in the uk i no longer have to pay an extortionate fee for a licence ( yet ).Never made resolutions, who needs the pressure but i love your “intentions” idea x You know that i love your work and that for me it brings forth memories of childhood innocence and excitement within the little worlds you create. I have thought about you often and been tempted to message you again but held back because i felt you needed some space. It is wonderful to see you back x


  2. Ally – what a lovely message. Thank you so much. I have often been tempted to try and do without tv but I do enjoy some programmes too much. You are right though, it definitely eats into my time. Anyway watch this space! x


  3. Sorry for your loss, Corinne… I lost my Mother when I was 25, this was a long time ago. I remember her being a strong Lady and this helps me move forward since then. I hope my few words may help you. Be serene, Corinne. Get back to your wonderful work and show us your creativity. x


  4. Hello Corinne,just wanted to send you my very best wishes for 2017. I too lost my Mum just before Christmas .2016 was a very hard year for me and your thoughts echo my own feelings in so many ways. My Mum was 91 so in many ways I have a lot to be grateful for.Wishing us both a peaceful year in which we give ourselves a bit of a break! I too am writing a blog onadawdlingday.blogspot.co.uk and starting to get back to my artwork….I have a gallery deadline looming!


  5. Hi Corinne, I am sorry for your loss, but as the previous comments have said your Mum is in a far better place and God will be looking after her now. Take the time to grieve and don’t feel you MUST do anything just yet, Heal and recover and enjoy the new time you have. I understand totally about the TV so it’s a matter of being selective rather that total denial and the new year resolutions! Well what law said they must even be at the start of the year, I make new intentions for myself when the time feels right. I too have decided to watch less TV as it is the thief of time and I feel I have wasted years of my life watching rubbish so this year I make sure I have all my work clothes washed, and housework done on a Friday evening so I can have the full weekend to live properly, spend time with those important to me and also have time to actually be grateful for what I have. Sometime in the frenzied pace of modern existence we forget to actually live. I know you will be ok, I have met you and you are beautiful soul and beautiful souls alway win through x


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