A special little getaway


I just wanted to catch up with you all as it has been so long since I have written or posted anything online really.  Mum continues to be a challenge and we have regular obstacles to overcome. Unfortunately our relationship, once so very close, has suffered but I am putting this down to the stroke and trying to deal with it as best I can. It is very difficult as I feel I have lost her already really although she is still very much with us.

Last month, I felt I so needed a break and so went on my first solo holiday! Back to my beloved St Ives and this time I had Dappy, my chocolate lab, as a companion. I’ve been to St Ives many times but always either as a family or just with my daughters. Going on my own definitely took me out of my comfort zone but it was so what I needed.


I had time to chill out, walk amongst the fantastic scenery and spoil myself a little at the gorgeous cafes and restaurants there …

It was Dappy’s first time on the beach too which was such fun. I also booked on an art journalling workshop in Truro with Jilly Ballantyne in an effort to kick-start my creativity. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and left feeling very inspired and with every intention of sketching every day of the holiday – but it didn’t really happen! What am I like!!

So I am back home now and am so glad to be spending time with my two little granddaughters Ava (on left) and Lily who arrived on 2nd October (pictured below on right with Daddy.

I am trying to be kind to myself and not feel so guilty about how often I can get over and see mum. It is very difficult but I am having to protect myself emotionally and physically and I am doing all that I can. That is all I can do after all.

If you are still reading this then I thank you for your time and understanding.

Much love

Corinne x


5 thoughts on “A special little getaway

  1. Sorry to hear about your mum and that life had been tough Corinne. Glad you managed to get away for a break. Congratulations on the arrival of two beautiful granddaughters!! You will get back to your lovely work when the time is right. X


  2. Yes, Corinne, life can be tough to us… I know that! If I may give you an advice, go ahead and look forward. Looking back doesn’t change events. Sending you positive vibes. xx, Louise


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