When sundown pales the sky I want to hide a while …


Lyrics from Donovan’s Catch the Wind are resonating with me at the moment.  Mum has taken a turn for the worse having had a series of falls recently. This means that she is bed bound at the moment – although I am really hoping this is a temporary thing and that she will improve soon.

It has been a difficult few weeks. I don’t live near mum and its an 80 mile round trip every time I visit. Sometimes I do really feel that I would like the world to stop so that I can get off. But of course, that is impossible and so we have to plod on, don’t we? I’m really thankful to all mum’s church friends who are there when I need them although I hate having to contact them as I don’t wish to impose. But I know there are people dealing with much worse circumstances.

On the positive side, my little granddaughter, Ava Olivia,  arrived on 5th August and she is such a blessing.


She and her mum live with me and it is lovely to see her little face, especially when it’s been a particularly trying day.

Also, Evie, my other daughter will be off to University in a couple of weeks. Obviously this is fabulous and she has done very well but I will miss her so much. I keep getting these lyrics going through my head

“To everything – turn, turn, turn
There is a season – turn, turn, turn
And a time to every purpose under heaven”

Another fabulous song, written by Pete Seeger, and made famous by The Byrds and Dylan, of course. It really does seem to sum up my life at the moment. So I have to stay strong and stay positive. This all means that I am not getting in my studio at all really. I did manage to make some bunting for Ava’s room but other than that my sewing machine is feeling quite neglected. I am hoping I will be able to get back to it soon. I know a lot of people who say creating their art has been very therapeutic and has a healing effect so I will see if I can give it a go and perhaps quell the rising panic I keep experiencing in my chest!

Here’s wishing you a fabulous weekend. x



4 thoughts on “When sundown pales the sky I want to hide a while …

  1. Corinne,

    You are going through such highs and lows of life. It is odd the way the wonderful events like the birth of a lovely grand daughter are Tinged with the pain you feel with your Mum’s illness. How wonderful that she has such friends nearby to help, I bet they are only too pleased to do their best.

    Your round trip makes it a difficult one to nip to see your Mum but I’m sure she appreciates your visits.

    Keep going and try to look after yourself too. I know there seems no time for you but soak in the bath, enjoy walking the dogs – phone a friend – I am always here if you fancy a chat, remember you are not alone we are all thinking about you and sending you loving thoughts.

    The song and thoughts going through your mind are so apt snd true.

    With love

    Jill xxx

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  2. My thoughts are with you, I went through this with my mum, do whatever you can to get through this difficult time, and be kind to yourself xxx


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