Help wanted please!


I found this image whilst trawling pinterest ( I have commissioned a ring from the wonderful Charlotte Bezzant and am able to have some engraving on the inside.



I have gone for a moonstone as I have always loved them. I wanted something inspirational that would motivate me when the going gets tough or I feel a little below par – you know how it is. However, everything I choose is too long. There is only space for one or two words. So I am looking for suggestions that would inspire. I’m not sure if the word Werifesteria actually exists. Not that it bothers me too much – after all every word was made up at some point – but I’m not sure that it really hits the spot for me. Other options are “Be fearless”, “Dream Big”, or “Stay Strong.”  I love the phrase “Believe, Achieve, Receive” but apparently that is too long 😦

So folks, what would you go for if you were me? x



4 thoughts on “Help wanted please!

  1. its hard to say something that will inspire the spirit when needed in two little words isnt it? lol found you last night on facebook and i am loving your work, i browse a lot of artists pages and see their work develop, your work seems to instantly just “be” if you know what i mean. Its gentle, innocent, inspiring and appeals. to the inner child in all of us i think. To me it brings to mind dear old Bagpuss, Mr Ben and the atmosphere of all the innocent childhood stories and programmes that hold such a sweet place in my memory. Love it x


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