Hello there!


mabel again 014

So this is the first entry on my new blog. This may work and it may not.  I have tried blogging before and, if you are interested, you can see old posts at corinnephillips.blogspot.com but I always feel that I edit myself too much and I found it hard to blog regularly. On this blog I would like to write more from the heart. Whether I find my voice we will have to wait and see.

The picture above is of my two dogs, Mabel on the left and Dappy on the right. Mabel is a Labradoodle who is 1 year old now and Dappy a chocolate lab who is four.

20160419_111207Apart from my love of animals, I am a mixed media artist, (see my website for more info), I have just started doing calligraphy (with brush pens – I haven’t got the patience to abide by all the rules!),  am an avid journaller, love stationery (see my latest haul above!) reading and anything book related and I also love a good tv drama and all those house-y programmes like Location, Location etc – as does Meryl Streep apparently – so I’m in good company there.

I am an introvert at heart and am always trying to “improve”myself with various self-help books/courses etc. I am happily single having struggled through a divorce 4 years ago. I have 3 children, my youngest goes to University this year and I am going to be a Grandmomma for the first time this Summer! (Not the same child!)

So there you have it – my first blog entry. And I think I have shared more personal stuff on this one entry than I have in my entire time on my other blog!

I will post here regularly and I will try for once a week. I would love to hear from you with any comments or anything you would like me to write about here. I hope this can be the start of a beautiful friendship! x



18 thoughts on “Hello there!

  1. This is great, I am looking forward to reading about how you come up with ideas for your fabulous work and to see new pieces being created. Mabel is soooooo cute and still looks just like a puppy. So glad you have started to blog again 😀


  2. I know I’m going to enjoy your blogs! So much I can relate to. Thanks for taking the plunge and looking forward to your entertaining/wise/creative words. However, don’t stress if some times there’s just nothing going on. That’s allowed too! x


  3. Great tell the world all your news but do I ever get a letter?!?!?!? 😁 I hope you feel honoured – this is the first blog I’ve EVER read. Fair play Cozza xxxxxxx


  4. Hi. Nice to read your blog. It IS straight from the heart.Will be following your posts:)! I’m a beginner artist too and share your love for dogs as well. Enough common ground to start a friendship!


  5. We have a lot in common Corinne apart from being at college together. I too struggled through a divorce and am about to become a grandmother for the first time in the summer. I think that when you come out the other side from a divorce it is difficult to find yourself again. You have to relearn who you are and build a new life for yourself. I too can get very absorbed by self help books. Finding time for your art work is so important and expressing yourself through your blog will be therapeutic for you and very interesting for us. Thank you for sharing your journey with us so openly. Its a very courageous thing to do and I’m sure that lots of love will be returned to you by all who read it.xx


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